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190, 000 judgments in administrative tribunals, 28,000 judgments in administrative courts of appeal and 10,000 judgments in the Conseil d'État are rendered each year.

Administrative tribunals settle disputes between a public body and a private entity or between two public bodies. The Conseil d'État has jurisdiction over disputes concerning public liberties, administrative police, taxes, public contracts, the civil service, public health, competition rules, environmental law, and urban and regional development just to name a few. The Conseil d'État, being the supreme administrative jurisdiction in France, is pivotal to maintaining the relationship between citizens and public authorities. Only an administrative judge can quash or reformulate the decisions made by authorities exercising executive powers such as the central administration or entities that exercise delegated powers. With the evolving politico-socio context, administrative law disputes have correspondingly increased by an average of 10% in recent years.

Access a selection of the Conseil d’Etat’s judgments in our database in English :

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    In order to ensure that the actions of the Government comply with the law, the Council of State exercises strict supervision over : case law and its consistency in the rationale of judgment; the timeline for delivering judgments which has been reduced over the past decade; the judicial review of the acts of the administration since the right to challenge a decision by a public body is widely exercised in France; the efficiency of accelerated procedures that are implemented in almost 10% of the cases heard; and the enforcement of judgments.
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