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Protecting freedom and fundamental rights
Defending the interest of people
Promoting high standards of public governance

The Conseil d'État advises the Government on the preparation of bills, ordinances and certain decrees. It also answers the Government's queries on legal affairs and conducts studies upon the request of the Government or through its own initiative regarding administrative or public policy issues.

The Conseil d'État is the highest administrative jurisdiction - it is the final arbiter of cases relating to executive power, local authorities, independent public authorities, public administration agencies or any other agency invested with public authority.

In discharging the dual functions of judging as well as advising the Government, the Conseil d'État ensures that the French administration operates in compliance with the law. It is therefore one of the principal guarantees of the rule of law in the country.

The Conseil d'État is also responsible for the day-to-day management of the administrative tribunals and courts of appeal.

Every year, 130 bills, 800 decrees and 300 non-statutory texts are examined by the Conseil d’État.

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A selection of the Conseil d’État's judgments available in 5 langages

Since December 2014, the Conseil d’État's website has provided a selection of its judgments, fully translated into English, German, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic.
202 more judgments have been posted online since early 2016, bringing the total number of translations up to 603.

 Are now available :

-          Deutsch (German) : 72 judgments translated into German at the following url : >

-          English : 290 judgments translated into English at the following url : >

-          العربية (Arabic) : 71 judgments translated into Arabic at the following url : >

-          中文  (Chinese) : 92 judgments translated into Chinese at the following url : >

-          Español (Spanish) : 78 judgments translated into Spanish at the following url : >

This initiative is part of an ambitious project to make French administrative case law widely available and, in so doing, to promote continental law. Translating in full and into five languages a selection of recent judgments stems from the will to meet the expectations expressed by the Conseil d'Etat's foreign partners and to adopt an open approach respecting cultural and linguistic diversity. The choice of translating the full judgments aims to make the judge's legal reasoning intelligible.